Florida Stories


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"…Fancy a Miss Ward, who was coming out to her brother in Kissimmee from England, met a fellow on the steamer and was engaged before she arrived at New York, although she had never seen the man before she left Liverpool, they are all at the Tropical at present waiting to hear from the girl's mother, then they are to be married as soon as possible and go to the man's ranch in Texas, did you ever hear of such a rash match in your life. she was staying with me for two days last week and seemed very nice, and she is certainly pretty; poor girl I am sorry for her as they say her intended is rather too fond of the glass…" - Excerpt from a Letter, Helen F. Warner to her Mother dated November 22, 1885, Narcoossee

The people of Central Florida are the lifeblood of the region. It is their dreams and hopes, along with their challenges and failures, that weave the story of the area together. There were cowboys and farmers, soldiers and shopkeepers, Native Americans and new immigrants. Crossroad trading posts eventually grew into villages and towns, and Central Florida changed from a frontier to an established region of communities. New generations were born for whom this was home, not just an adventurous place for a visit.

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