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Guild Accounting Ledger and Winter Park City Clerk's Record Book

Florida elections have always been significant (even before the year 2000), and are a source of vital information. Search these newly discovered and preserved records from 1912 – 1934 to find your ancestors' voter's registration information, including their address, party affiliation, and precinct. Find out whether they paid the poll tax (if required). See where the registrar made notations that they have moved or were deceased. 

Cropping from Winter Park City Clerk Book showing registered voters for Orange County 1870s

The Orange County Voter Registration Ledgers contain the voting records of registered voters in Orange County cities from 1912-1934. All ledgers are numbered as volumes. The information contained within each volume generally includes voter's name, age, race, occupation, local residence, party affiliation, whether a poll tax had been paid, and nativity or place of birth. Other information may include the voter's declaration of naturalization, date of voter's registration with a political party, and remarks concerning disabled veteran voters, registration changes and deceased voters. 

The example featured here shows the Official Register of Electors for the 38th Precinct of Orange County Florida for 1934. Here you will find an entry for Clara E. Wendel, the 2nd Director of the Albertson Public Library (now the Orlando Public Library and part of the Orange County Library System). Note such information as Ms. Wendel was a registered Democrat, 30 years old, white, a Librarian, who was born in Illinois and lives in Gotha. Note also the listings for Henry Wendel, who was born in Germany and naturalized on his father’s papers, and Mrs. D. Wichtendahl, who was born in Germany and naturalized on her husband’s papers.

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