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Advertisement in 1907 City Directory

City Directories and Telephone Books provide a wealth of local history information. 

You will find not only the names of the citizens of Central Florida, but also information on their occupations, where they lived, and where their businesses were located, such as the following from the Orange County Gazetteer of 1887: 

George A. Chappell, who works as a clerk at Heald, Hawley & Blanchard, and whose residence is on McDonald, at the southeast corner of Centre; and, Miss Cora Chase, a teacher, who boards on the north side of Citrus Avenue on the 3rd block east of Grove. 

Peruse the advertisements to see what life was like and get a snapshot of the quality of life in Central Florida. 

Look in the 1925 Orlando City Directory to find Dr. L.C. Cameron who promises “Quick Relief—Right Now” for Blood Pressure—Rheumatism—Neuritis—Asthma—Catarrh and Old Age.”   See the ad for The Orlando Merchant Tailors who declare "We Have the Most Modern Hat Blocking Method in the City." 

Also find brief histories and statistical information of the area, such as that the enrollment in "Colored Schools" in 1925 was 1,040, and that "the permanent population is about 23,000, supplemented during more than half the year by many thousands of tourists."

Most City Directories also include photographs of the area, sometimes including the people of Central Florida, such as the 1925 ad for the Orlando Sanatorium and Hospital that includes a picture of the staff posing on the front steps.

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