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Carey Hand

The University of Central Florida Special Collections holds the Funeral Home Records from 1891-1955. The records are used extensively for genealogical and historical research on Central Florida. The collection includes Undertaker's Memoranda, Funeral Registers, Cremation Records, records for the Palm and Greenwood Cemeteries, as well as other materials relating to the operations of the Orlando mortuary business.

Forty four books of the Undertaker’s Memoranda covering the time period from June 15, 1891 through November 10, 1927 can be searched and accessed on Central Florida Memory. You can search this collection by name, date of death, cause of death, parents’ names, burial place, and residence.

Tips for searching

The search boxes below search across all records in Central Florida Memory for all of the terms that you put in the search box, in any order. For example, if you search for "gunshot wound", the search engine searches for items containing “gunshot”, and “wound”, but will not return results containing only the single words “gunshot” or “wound”. Most of the fields below are specific to the Carey Hand records and will return results focused on those records. Some of the fields, like the Name field, will retrieve results from all of the materials in Central Florida Memory. Simply scroll through the pages by clicking on the page numbers or next at the top or the bottom of the screen to locate the appropriate Carey Hand records.

The search boxes support the use of a wildcard operator that enables you to search for approximate terms. Using an asterisk (*) at the end of a search term will search for results with none, or any number of any characters appended to the root search term. For example, dan* will find results with the words “dan,” “danny,” “daniel,” “daniels” and so on.